TimeWithSanta.com serves the greater Portland, Oregon & SW Washington area providing personal home visits from Santa Claus as well as attending corporate Christmas events, tree lighting, print ad and film/TV appearances.

Time With Santa was founded in Olympia, Washington about 30 years ago. It began when a local puppeteer dressed as Santa Claus to appear in his own puppet production. As the puppeteer walked home daily, he remained dressed as Santa, children gathered on the sidewalks while Santa read books, handed out candy bars, fruit and other small gifts. Parents of children at the puppet shows asked if Santa would make surprise visits to their home and so began the tradition.

Speed forward, years later the company Time With Santa had 29 different performers as Santa Claus and a hand full of Mrs. Claus’. Growing from single home visitations to being the largest talent agency in the Pacific Northwest for family-friendly entertainers, it all began with showing kindness to strangers and rooted in using your imagination, having fun and spending time with neighbors. The puppet shows were geared toward celebrating children’s birthday parties.