30 Years In The Pacific Northwest

Santa Claus visits Portland, Oregon’s KATU 2 News Room!

Above: (Video clip) Santa Claus stops by ABC Television affiliate station KATU Channel 2 in Portland, Oregon to visit with the staff. Santa and Dave Salesky, weather man ham it up together. Santa answers viewers questions, reads a story and guests on set meet Mrs. Claus.

Santa Claus Attends Events In Portland & Washington!

Santa Claus is available for your events.

Did you know that you can schedule a reservation for Santa to visit your private home or company Christmas party? What a delightful and memorable holiday you and your guests will have! Make your reservations soon! Imagine the look on your guest’s face when Santa Claus arrives in his bright red suit, trimmed in white and a real white beard to match! Nothing makes both adults and children smile like Saint Nicolas arriving despite his busy time of year, just to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and spread cheer visiting and of course, taking pictures for sharing on your favorite social media site!

Santa will arrive looking freshly pressed, professional and always in a kind and inviting mood, ready to celebrate the holiday and interact with each guest! For nearly 30 years, “Santa Phillip” has been the preferred choice for companies like Disney, Fred Meyer, Hilton Hotels, KATU 2, Nike, Dannon, Regal Cinemas and a host of well known companies that trust their entertainment festivities to him. As the Founding member of the first professional Santa Claus Agency in the Pacific Northwest, his experience, gentle spirit and personal interaction as ‘Santa’ provides a beautiful experience for guests of all ages. He is inclusive of all groups, organizations, religions, diversities and families. Time With Santa is federally background checked, state licensed as an LLC booking agency and provides a quality visit, quick online electronic reservation for your security.

Scheduling: for best selection of dates and times available, reservations begin September 1st, each year. (2018) Reservations are secured with your payment of 50% down and the remaining 50% due 30 days before your event date.

Home & Office Visits:  calm, quiet and filled with magic, love and some laughter, these visits are often described by parents and grand parents afterward as ‘beautiful’, ‘touching’, ‘gentle’….time spent with Santa (and Mrs. Claus if desired) is a time for children to get a chance to be heard by Santa and hear about life at The North Pole, ask questions about ‘The Workshop’, ‘The Elves’ and ‘The Sleigh’ as well as bond with Santa and Mrs. Claus, finding out what it means to be a good person, sharing, caring and how to stay on The Nice List and off The Naughty List. Visits are available as 15, 30 and 60 minutes while longer reservation times for larger groups are possible. 60 minute visits take priority over 15 and 30 minute reservation times. It is best to budget about 3+ minutes per child, per family + 1 minute or so for photos. An average visits with Santa will last about 4-5 minutes, some shorter, a few longer.

Office visits tend to be a bit faster pace due to other activities being planned around Santa’s Visitation time, gifts being handed-out and larger group photos. Some companies prefer to allow guests of the party to capture their own photos using their phones while many companies hire a professional photographer for stunningly beautiful keep sake photos, the choice is yours.

In the Portland, Oregon Metro area and SW Washington, for reservations and pricing information. Note: you may choose to include Mrs. Claus or just Santa. Keep in mind, some events with more guests function much, much easier, faster and less ‘crying’ by including Mrs. Claus as she is a nurturer and scared children tend-to be calmed by her like a Grandmother figure.

Busy Dates:

Busier days of the week are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Christmas Eve day and evening (and certainly) Christmas day are prime times that everyone and every company desire, these dates are considered premium times/dates and therefore cost more. The best price point will be Monday-Thursday visits.

For additional information contact us at: 360-772-3834